The Reincarnationist Psychotherapy is a modern Psychological School that adds the concept of Reincarnation to the traditional school. Its purpose is to help all of us transform the understanding that we have about our childhoods and facts/people/situations of our lives into the version that our Spirits and our Spiritual Guides have about them. This is what we call “the persona-version X the spirit-version”. 

This is the modus operandi of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy; for this reason, the treatment may last for months or years of weekly consultations, appointments every 10 or 15 days, and some Regression sessions. Such sessions work as the “Spiritual Screen Sessions in the period between lives”, in which our Mentors show us the past lives they believe we should recall and/or disconnect from. Our Regressions embrace our past lives and the subsequent period between lives, and allow us to notice how different we are when on earth and when we go back “Home”. 

The main difference between the new Reincarnationist Psychotherapy based on reincarnation, and the other psychotherapeutic Schools is that the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy uses reincarnation as the basic element for the treatment. Everything started in 1996, in Porto Alegre (Brazil); today, it is presented as a Training Course in 14 states of Brazil and taught by 37 Course instructors; we also have about 1500 trained practitioners working in more than 100 cities around the country. 

Its pillars are: 

1. To turn one’s “persona-version” into the “Spirit-Version”, in which the command of our thoughts gradually shifts from our egos to our Higher Selves. This is the main goal of our Treatment: to start thinking more as Spiritual beings than as characters.

2. To recognize the Congenital Personality (the behavior pattern similar to the present one, which we have been revealing for many incarnations), to find our Inner Reform purposes. 

3. To remember the reason why we reincarnate, our pre-reincarnatory agenda, and to start or to intensify a true Inner Reform, in order to optimize and really take advantage of the present incarnation, which has not happened for centuries or thousands of years. 

4. To search for a reconnection with former enemies and people we resent or dislike    through a reinterpretation of our childhoods (based on “Why” and “What for”) and through the messages from our spiritual Guides in the Regression sessions.

This new Psychotherapy was created with the purpose of bringing to Psychology and Psychiatry a new possibility of expansion never imagined before. Reincarnation is added to the psychological and psychiatric concepts, creating a new way of facing all of our conflicts. The childhood period is not considered the beginning of a person’s life anymore and begins to be seen as a continuation of our eternal lives; our families cease to be groups of people who got randomly united by affective ties, but groupings of Spirits united by karmic bonds; situations faced in the course of life are not random, but reflections, consequences originated from past actions, necessities for our spiritual evolutionary project.  

The Present Psychology, heir of a non-reincarnationist religious conception resulting from the II Council of Constantinople in 553 a.C, views our lives only from our childhoods; therefore, it limits its field of action to a minimum fraction of our existence. It works with the misconception of Personality Development, as it claims that we did not exist before. It then considers that our personality traits originate in the “beginning of life”, as well as our negative feelings, by the combination of genetic, hereditary and environmental factors. Everything was originated in the childhood, as nothing existed before. But what about our past incarnations? Didn’t we have a personality in our prior incarnated lives? We certainly did, so isn’t  it reasonable and of common sense to think that we are a continuation of the one we used to be in that life prior to the present one? It knocks down the concept of Personality Development and generates another revolutionary, evolutionary, clarifying concept: the Congenital Personality, one of the basic pillars of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy. What about our acquaintances, our parents, our mothers, our siblings and other relatives?

Amongst the reincarnationist principles, we know that we are Spirits connected by affinity and divergence energy cords. These cords regulate our closeness and explains the sympathy and antipathy feelings among family members, even hatred and aversion. Why do we approach each other again? In the case of affinity, it is for us to keep on  being together in a project of friendship, joint work; in the case of divergence, for us to make up, reconcile, love each other. This very last question is one of the main subjects in the consultations of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, when we deal with the conflicts between parents and their children, and among siblings.  By aggregating Reincarnation to Psychology, we create a new Psychology, based on our eternal lives, in search for our spiritual evolution, for purification. 

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