The donation campaign for the construction of the Beneficent House of Therapy and Charity (Casa Beneficente de Terapia e Caridade - CTBC) has been launched.

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The CTBC will be a nice, cozy, and spiritual place to attend brothers and sisters with financial needs. A completely glass-covered building, surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains, a sample of the architecture of the future, and perhaps a postcard of Porto Alegre. A magnificent building with affective service, waiting rooms with cozy sofas, television, water and coffee, stylish and pleasant offices with air conditioning, box-spring beds (for the regressions), carpets, curtains, surrounding sound, uniformed and affectionate volunteers and professionals, lots of love and care, free of charge designed to serve people without financial conditions to bear the costs of such innovative and futuristic psychotherapeutic treatment.

There will be three floors in the CBTC building. On the ground floor, there will be the reception area, the (male and female) bathrooms and a Meditation Room. On the 1st floor, there will be 15 offices for free consultations, and on the 2nd floor there will be 15 rented rooms for private sessions. The beneficent and the private areas, as well the waiting rooms, offices, hallways, bathrooms will all be decorated with the exactly same material and the patients will be attended by receptionists and attendants all in the same way, showing that before God we are all equal, all brothers and sisters, sons of the same Father.

The project will be eco-friendly, as all materials used will be recycled, there will be solar energy, reusable rainwater etc. The CBTC will be supported by donations, and by the rental of the private offices and shops on the ground floor (rented for companies with affinity with our proposal, according to the spiritual and naturalistic ideology of the CBTC), managed by an administrator that will direct all the income received from these rents to the expenses of the House, maintenance of the building, and employees.

In case of discontinuity of this project, for any reason, all the income received from donations will be automatically reverted to a beneficent Institution (which is still to be defined) through a document prepared by our Legal Department and registered in a Registry Office, ensuring the loyalty of this guarantee.

Be a friend of the CBTC. The realization of this project will only be possible through donations. Help the poor and needy people to receive the possibility to improve their lives, heal their phobias, panic, severe depression, chronic physical pain etc., through a new psychotherapeutic vision that has shown great success in Brazil and several countries abroad. Also, help your brothers and sisters who have fallen into licit and illicit drug addiction to receive a chance to break free from substance abuse and take advantage of their incarnations, spiritually evolve and fulfill their mission.

With love, faith and hope.

Mauro Kwitko
President of the Beneficent House of Therapy and Charity

Ground Plan

For more details about this project, download the ground plan of the buildingdownload the ground plan.


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