Reasoning X Counter-Reasoning

We, the reincarnationist psychotherapists, who have been working with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, the Therapy of the Inner Reform, have also been listening to people’s life stories and childhoods, stories that are permeated by sorrow, anger, criticism, fear, insecurity, feelings of rejection etc. We can say that they are merely stories created by our personae. The stories we read when we were kids, the stories we continue to read while we are adolescents, adults or elders, which are interpretations of our Egos, limited approaches of how we see ourselves and how we see others, including our family and other people who entered or passed through our lives.

In other words: each one of us, since we are children, learns that we are certain people from certain families, certain sexual genders, particular skin colors, from places, from countries etc. We spend our entire lives believing in it, especially because all the other people have the same beliefs about themselves. Even the therapists we see also have the same beliefs about themselves; therefore, they will have no doubts about the subject when it comes to their patients.

Yet, what most people do not realize, or do not remember, even the ones who believe in reincarnation, is that if they were to think about who they were and where they were at the time before their conception, their gestational lives, up there in the Astral Plane, when they were not a person, didn’t belong to any family, had no sexual gender, had no skin color (not even skin...), a definite place, a particular country etc., i.e., if we all could recall where we were one year before our conception, we would remember that we were a Spirit in the Spiritual World, in the period between lives, coming from our previous incarnations, preparing to return to earth, to incarnate again to continue our karmic journeys, to return to the Light, the Perfection, the One, the All.

If we were not what we think we are, the way we know and see ourselves and others, consequently, the reasoning is that we have been immersed in what Eastern people refer to as Maya, the Illusion. What is it? It means that everything is real, but it is temporary, it is true, but is temporary, it seems permanent but is not. Therefore, if it is temporary, transitory or impermanent, then it cannot really be real and true, so we may say that it is an illusory reality or an illusion that is apparently true.

Reincarnationist believers know about it, but do not to remember it with the intensity and frequency that the subject deserves. And why does this issue deserve a further study and a more meticulous attention than it is commonly given? Because this is a concept that we, Reincarnationist Psychotherapists, call “Reasoning X Counter-Reasoning.” In other words, the non-reincarnationist reasoning about our lives, our childhoods, our families and other people who are part of our stories, and the  reincarnationist reasoning of it all, completely opposite as a vision and an approach, in its interpretation and results.

So let's explain it better: a person comes to the 1st appointment to start a Reincarnationist Psychotherapy treatment, which consists of consultations and regression sessions and whose goal is to help this person find the reason of this reincarnation, the Inner Reform goals, and how to take advantage of this lifetime. This knowledge helps people achieve spiritual growth and the pleasant feeling of accomplishment after disincarnating and returning Home. This person tells us about him/herself, his/her life, what bothers him/her, the conflicts, the childhood, and we listen to the story, which, in 100% of the cases, is what we call " the illusory story of a persona”. This person is not telling us the real story; he/she is reporting what he/she knows about him/herself and everything else, how he/she read his/her childhood, how he/she reads his/her current life, how he/she sees people, and how he/she feels and interprets all these things. Usually, the reported story is impregnated with sorrow, feelings of rejection, anger etc.

Quite often, this person had already consulted other professionals, had told this story many times, not only to him/herself, but also to family and friends. They all listened and analyzed the story just like the person does: as something real and accurate.

But it is illusory… How illusory? Try to remember who you were one year before the fertilization of your gestational life. Why did your spirit need this childhood, this family, this father, this mother, these siblings? Also, why were you the oldest, 2nd, 3rd, the youngest, or the only child? Why did you need to be a male or female, beautiful or ugly, white or black, rich or poor etc.?

If all of us could do this imaginative exercise, we would at least start questioning ourselves and ponder on "Why?". Our present reasoning would begin to dismantle, to break up.  All those old convictions permeated with hurt and rejection, pain and suffering such as "My father didn’t like me!" or "I am so and so because I came from a very poor family, had many brothers and sisters, experienced hungry ...", will begin to modify to what we call the counter-reasoning. That is, the previous non-reincarnationist reasoning, created by the persona along with other personae, in a persona society, would begin to make room for a new reincarnationist rationale, based on the question  “why did our Spirits ‘asked’ for all of that?”.

The Reasoning X Counter-Reasoning issue is one of the fundamental bases of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, the Therapy of the Inner Reform. As it is based on Reincarnation, it deals with the Divine Laws that govern our incarnation and the people who are part of our lives: The Purpose Law, the Necessity Law, and the Deserving Law. The Purpose Law shows that our spirits go through situations starting from the gestational period; the Necessity Law shows why one needs to go through all these situations; and the Deserving law shows what one deserves to receive from the Universal Love, which is always right and fair, even when it seems wrong and unfair.

The main task of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy is to help people who are seeking treatment (and believe in Reincarnation) to free themselves from the illusory story of the personae, and to start searching for the true story, one of the Spirit. The first story, called "Reasoning", maintains people firmly linked to their negative feelings in a powerful and narrow way, which makes an actual cure of these feelings impossible. The second one, called "Counter-Reasoning”, shows that by changing the way one views and interprets the facts occurred during childhood (which are still embedded in the inner child), this individual would start to dissolve negative feelings. These feelings would gradually be weakened in such safe, gentle, profound and regenerator ways that, with these thinking changes, the negative feelings would disappear by themselves.

In the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy Training Course, students first learn to apply these teachings to themselves in order to get qualified to help others in the fundamental mission of placing the Ego in a superior control. They will learn how to withdraw the Ego’s supremacy, take badges and medals away and replace them with bandages and potions to heal the pain and sadness that were kept instead. In fact, such feelings created these circumstances. The Reincarnationist Psychotherapy is the therapy of the liberation of illusions, the liberation of the dominance of the ego, the self liberation as we come, again and again, life after life, watching ourselves and understanding, so that our Spirit can finally take command of our lives. However, in order to do so, it is mandatory that counter-reasoning overcomes and eliminates reasoning. Otherwise, we cannot liberate ourselves from the egoistic command, which imprisons us and where the pain, the feeling of rejection, anger, fear, the sense of inferiority, shyness and their equally illusory counterpoints, such as vanity, pride, authoritarianism, arrogance and pride reside.

There are two Therapeutic Pathways; there are two types of Therapies that can be performed:

1. The traditional one, the Therapy of the Ego and its illusions, which is doomed to a possible failure, since it is almost impossible to cure the illusions of an illusory structure.

2. The Therapy of the liberation of the Ego, which is the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy that aims to give the command of our thinking to our Higher Self, to our spirit, our Spiritual Mentors. It is through this therapy that it is possible and even easier to heal  inferiorities: we free ourselves from our Egos and the illusory vision of our life stories.

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