The Brazilian Association of Reincarnationist Psychotherapy

The Brazilian Association of Reincarnationist Psychotherapy (ABPR) is a non-profit association, created in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil, on 10 August 2004, by a small group of reincarnationist psychotherapists, which has increasingly expanded its operations.

The ABPR aims to:

• Help in the organization, expansion and sedimentation of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy in our country and, in due course, in other countries;

• Support the propagation of Training Courses promoted by the ABPR instructors; to divulge our professionals, the reincarnationist psychotherapist members from the ABPR;

• Disseminate information about the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, the Inner Reform Therapy, the same therapy applied in the period between lives, here and now on Earth, and the cosmo-ethical Therapeutic Regression, performed by the psychotherapist, but directed, led by people’s spiritual guides, respecting the Oblivion Law, never encouraging the recognition of the past;

• Encourage the publication of articles and other information to the general public, interested to know more about these subjects;

• Avoid the dispersion of the reincarnationist psychotherapists and the distortion of the teaching transmitted in the courses, through the integration, communication and exchange of experiences;

• Offer the ABPR members the opportunity of keeping and improving their knowledge, as well as getting updated with the new teaching that comes from the Spiritual World;

• Help in the propagation of the concept of reincarnation that brings with it the message that we are all brothers and sisters, sons of God, and we should unite to make life in this planet an experience of love, harmony, mutual aid and bliss.

Our Board of Directors, 2016-2019 Administration

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