The Therapeutic Regression is referenced in the “Spirits’ Book”, question 399, regarding the Oblivion of the past, where it says: 

“When a spirit has re-entered corporeal life, he experiences a temporary forgetfulness of his former existences, as though these were hidden from him by a veil. Sometimes, however, he preserves a vague consciousness of them, and they may, under certain circumstances, be revealed to him but this only occurs as a result of the decision of higher spirits, who spontaneously make that revelation for some useful end, and never for the gratification of idle curiosity”.

The book “Workers of the Life Eternal” announced, during Dr. Barcellos’ talk, the arrival of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy 50 years ago, whereas the Spirit’s Book gave notice of the arrival of the Therapeutic Regression 100 years before that. It was the beginning, the pioneer in the Ethics of only revealing people’s past memories according to the criteria established by the Spiritual Guides without any interference from the therapist in the process and never encouraging the recognition of people in the past. 

Much has been said, nowadays, about this new therapeutic methodology, based on the revival of past facts, from this incarnation or others. Each regression therapist has his/her own conception and objectives and there are many ways of working with the past. We do not make the person recall the end of the trauma; it helps him/her improve a lot, but he/she may be kept in tune with this moment, at this point. By the ABPR Regression Method, the recalling person remembers it all, from the traumatic event until its end, he/she keeps recalling until the death moment, the disincarnation, the rise to the Astral Plane, until everything is over and he/she claims to feel very well (the Best Point). In other words, in our regression the person recalls a past incarnation and the subsequent period between lives. The recollection ranges from the trauma until the disincarnation, and the person is encouraged to keep narrating the rise to the Astral until he/she gets there. Sometimes, it is not enough because even there he/she still feels the pain, sadness, anger, fear etc. Thus, we encourage the person to keep reckoning until he/she shows he/she feels better in the period between lives, that he/she is improving, that everything is getting better: the fear he/she felt, the pain, that rejection feeling, the loneliness, the pain from the stabbing, the shot etc. When we realize the person acknowledged everything is over, that he/she feels fine, we start to prepare him/her to the end of the session. We then tell the person, for instance, that he/she can relax, is fine or can access another past situation, or even receive some orientation, some instruction from the Mentors. We wait for a couple of minutes to make sure that he/she is not in tune with the Astral; if we notice or if the person makes a reference to having accessed another past life, the regression continues. If there is an orientation, some instruction, he/she may recount or keep it to him/herself.

A regression is a recall from the past which the person is still tuned with, and we must give him/her support to remember everything from the trauma until he/she feels well in the Astral. It is quite simple to do it, we only have to lead the recollection to the moment of disincarnation in that life and encourage the continuation of the recall. The person must keep telling us what happens... after getting out of the body.... where he/she that he/she is a Spirit... that he/she can rise.... What happens? We hear wonderful stories of this rise, in the Astral Plane, so we know the person will be tuned with a good moment, one of liberation, and not with the moment right after the trauma, when he/she frequently felt pain, fear, sorrow, loneliness, anger, lack of confidence etc. 

We are fundamented in the principle that our memories can be found in our subtle bodies, so we encourage a deep relaxation during the time the person recalls past lives, in order to allow the person to feel the physical body a bit less. Next, we encourage the elevation of the frequency, which allows for an easier access to the Spiritual Guides, who provide a return to the past. 

The relaxation is normal, the person remains lying down, with eyes closed, the room is dimly lit and kept silent, music is played in low volume, we sit next to the person and we start by speaking slowly, with a soft voice (not whispering), encouraging the relaxation, the release of the body in the mattress.... Relax the forehead.............. The eyes............... the mouth................... The chin.................. all of your body.................... As if you were going to sleep........................ as if your body were disappearing...................... And let’s start attuning with our Spiritual Friends................ Your Spiritual Friends.................... Asking them to be with us....................... To help you find your past............................. In your memories......................... Facts your are tuned with.................................. Etc. etc. After we realize the person is very chilled and relaxed, we encourage the elevation of frequency: So you are rising...................... Rising..........................enlarging, expanding ........................ you feel you are enlarging.............................. as a balloon that is growing...................... inflating .................... expanding..................... taking over this whole room............................. Rising............................... Enlarging............................... Expanding.......................... And you can go beyond this room.................................. To heaven........................... to infinity.............................. rising......................... Rising........................... enlarging.................. etc. Usually, in 10-20 minutes the person recalls a past incarnation. 

Due to the encouragement of the elevation of frequency, the occurrence of experiences in the Astral Plane and the meeting with Masters, Guides, disincarnated relatives etc. is big. People talk about the disincarnation, the “rise”, the arrival at the Astral Plane, with a description of nature areas, people wearing light clothes, the Hospitals, the Schools, the study groups etc., and the reports are extremely similar to the ones found in spiritist books on the subject. They describe colonies, cities, work and study done there by its inhabitants, the reincarnation process, the meetings, the Ministers, the incarnation plannings etc.

Perhaps the existence of cities in the Astral is like a real imagination, an illusory reality, so that we do not feel lost up there, floating, without a reference, then our minds create a reality that is similar to the one we bring from here on earth, then we imagine/see cities, gardens, hospitals, schools, people on clothes etc. That, to us, is real, but in reality they might be creations of our minds so that we can feel a reference there. The Superior Beings, when they send us orientation on this subject, also say it so that we feel safer about our rise... When we get up there and when we are there, we really see and live this reality; however, it might not be really real, but imagined and created by us. Or, perhaps, there might be it all, created by the imagination of Superior Beings who inhabit there, i.e., they create, with their mental power, this reality, similar to the one we have here on earth so that we feel more protected by the reality that is similar to the one we left here. Anyway, the reports and the descriptions given by the ones in regression, when disincarnated, when they get there, is similar to the ones in the spiritist books. 

The intrauterine period, the reports about parents, what they say, feel, plan etc., their descriptions, the house, the birth, the willing to be born soon, many times the will of not being born, an intrauterine suicide, in which the regressed person says that he/she could not bear to know that his/her future father was a former enemy of his/her transpersonal past, that he/she wanted to get out of there at any cost, and really did, “died” and returned to the Astral Plane. Once a person said he/she wasn’t going to be born and then sat down. Another person turned his/her back and was born in breech presentation. Finally, there are many reports of the phase in which we are still inside the mother womb, showing that we already have thoughts and feelings while we are forming our physical vessel. In fact, inside the uterus there is a spirit who is dozens or hundreds of thousand years old forming a new body, who therefore already thinks, feels, and everything that he/she lives at this time will remain inside his/her Unconscious, no matter if they are good or bad situations, happiness or sadness, insecurity, fear etc. We may then notice that the material to be investigated in the Unconscious is of supreme relevance, and its externalization, this “cleanness” developed by the regression may have a therapeutic value of great importance. 

The search for evolution belongs to all of us, but this in an individual work, since each one of us came here to improve personal characteristics, which have manifested from childhood. The Traditional Psychology, which starts in childhood, is not appropriate to us, reincarnationists, anymore as it does not answer our questions. It works with a mistaken assumption of personality development, which generates the hero and villain figures. 

Our Spirits (Consciousness) has lived in several bodies, a lot of personae, in inumerous past incarnations, and in all of them we already had a personality. We have not developed our personalities in our childhood; we have shown it, since the beginning of our incarnated lives, who and how we are, and our parents, our environment and the childhood facts tend to either aggravate or improve our characteristics, which may be either positive or negative.

In fact, we are the continuation of our past lives, and in the search for evolution and spiritual (consciential) growth, the return to Perfection, from time to time we need to live in an inferior and imperfect place for a while, where our own inferiorities and imperfections will come up, and where is this place for us? It is here, so here we are. In order to pay, to suffer? Absolutely not, it is for us to purify ourselves, to set free from the “overweight” that binds us to the gravitational force of this heavy planet and the Astral Plane of this planet. We need to become “lighter”, and it can only happen if we get rid of the inferiorities and the weights that keep us stuck here, and this is the work that must be done, and it needs to be done here, because this is where we are.

And who should, or needs, to go through a regression to the past? Regression therapists usually recommend regressions to people who suffer from fear, phobias, panic attacks, depression etc.; however, we are not regression therapists, but rather reincarnationist psychotherapists who use regression. Therefore, everyone who sees us  for a treatment undergoes the recall of some of his/her past incarnations, because this way they will realize that they have always been as they are today, in their last incarnations. They will discover their Congenital Personality and their proposal for an Inner Reform in it.

We need people’s Mentors to show them and to us some of these people’s past incarnations, they will give us the “clue” to how the Inner Reform treatment should take place. If they show us sad past lives, the Inner Reform is one of sadness; if they show loneliness, it is based on loneliness; if they show pride, it is based on pride, so on and so forth. In fact, the Mentors remove the “layers”, showing past incarnations in which the current  spiritual inferiority already existed. Yet, little by little, new things happen, new revelations, new insights, people reveal themselves, we monitor these “Spiritual Screen Sessions”, we talk about them in the post-regression conversations and appointments, new regressions take place, new discoveries, it is a true investigation of the past, of what is hiding inside the Unconscious. At the same time, everything is very simple and very deep.

In general, the sessions usually last about 1 to 1,5 hour, in which the person relives traumatic facts from one, two or even more past incarnations, besides the period between lives, where the individual accesses a lot of very important pieces of information for the real better use of this present incarnation. Due to the catholic-jewish heritage in which we are immersed, we have got used to thinking that our flaws are just things that harm others, but it’s not exactly like this. Actually, in the search for our return to Perfection, any of our characteristics that is not perfect is imperfect, so we need to cure not only selfishness, aggressiveness, authoritarianism, materialism etc., but also shyness, fear, weakness, sadness, laziness, introversion etc. 

Some people try to undergo a regression by themselves, without the monitoring of a qualified therapist; however, when they see themselves being burned at the stake, or being hung, guillotined etc., will they be able to keep it until the end, until they disincarnate, until they rise to the Astral, which is what will set them free from the trauma generated in that situation? It is necessary to go to the situation and then leave it, because the person might intensify the connection with the trauma even more if he/she accesses this past situation, gets scared and then returns to the present moment. This is contraindicated since it will reinforce what needs to be healed. 

Someone claiming to feel stuck, who couldn’t “move on”, who couldn’t go ahead, once recalled a past life in which he/she was a crippled girl living on a bed. Another person, who was labeled as schizophrenic, who had been sent to a mental hospital and had taken antipsychotic drugs for fifteen years, who heard voices saying that he/she was rotten and stank, saw him/herself isolated from the family in a past life, in a room suffering from a terrible skin disease. In that small room, this person said that he/she could hear people commenting on the fact that he/she was rotten, that he/she stank! Another person, who was diagnosed as paranoid, since he felt he was being chased, recalled a past life in which he was being chased by enemy soldiers. 

It is possible to realize that we are talking about the Psychiatry of the future, when the concept of Regression will be integrated into Psychiatry, and this is one of the main goals of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapeutic School. It was created in the Astral Plane and it will be disseminated throughout the planet in 20 to 30 years. There is not a single person that does not have any traumas or negative situations in the Unconscious, some are stronger, other less. Regressions are a kind of cleansing, a “cleaning” of such toxins; afterwards, what people usually refer to is a relief, lightness sensation that the regressive method can offer.

Nonetheless, it requires a highly ethical attitude and humility from the therapist, which puts him/herself in the right place, the one of an assistant to the Spiritual World, an intermediary between the person and the Spiritual Mentor. We put ourselves into this place, collaborating with the process which, in fact, is led by the person’s Mentors. What do we do? We help with the relaxation of the physical body and the expansion of the Consciousness, so that the person is accessible to the Spiritual Mentors and these Beings are able to lead the process. We speak the least in order not to disturb the work that is being done. Usually, we limit our actions to encourage the person, once in a while after he/she accesses a past fact, to keep on talking. Now and then we say “Continue”, “And after that?”... We are assistants, collaborators to the Spiritual World, we do not make the person recall every other 10 or 5 years, we do not lead the person to the childhood period, we do not lead the process, we do not command it because the person’s Spiritual Mentor is there, next to us. This way, we would disrupt his/her intentions. Who knows more about the person? Us or the Mentor? So, who’s supposed to lead the work, to command the Screen here on earth?

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