The treatment with the Reincarnationist Therapy and the Therapeutic Regression

The Treatment may take months or years and consists of appointments made on a weekly, 10 or 15-day basis and 3 or 4 Regression Sessions. Through the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy (the Therapy of the Inner Reform) and Therapeutic Regression (ethic, under the command of the Spiritual World, which allows to conciliate the Regression with the Oblivion Law, as stated in question 399 of "The Spirits’ Book"), under the command of the Superior Spiritual Beings, it is possible to understand our pre-reincarnation proposals. We may then recall our achievements and the utilization of our incarnations over the centuries, know the reason and programming of the current incarnation, promote the re-reading of our childhoods and the facts in a reincarnationist view, finally make amends with conflicting Spirits and change our “persona-version” to the “spirit-version” in order to make the most of this incarnation and reach spiritual evolution. Also, it may significantly improve phobias (in  some cases, even cure them), panic disorder, severe depressions, difficult-to-treat physical pains, such as Fibromyalgia,  and eliminate strong feelings of loneliness, abandonment, sadness for no apparent reason, fear, insecurity, infertility etc.  

The treatment with the Reincarnationist Therapy and the Therapeutic Regression can be done through Adult, Teenage, Children (in which the child goes through the regressions; or maybe one of the parents or a relative does it at a distance), Couple Parent, Elderly and Family Therapy. 

What are the goals of this Treatment? 

The Reincarnationist Psychotherapy is a modern psychological school that is fundamented in the concept of Reincarnation to help all of us change the vision we have about our childhoods and facts/people/situations placed in our lives into the vision our Spirit and Spiritual Mentors have about these issues. It is what we call the "persona-version" vs. the "spirit-version." This is the modus operandi of the Reincarnationist Therapy and the reason why it may take months or even years for the treatment to be completed, not only with regressions sessions but conversations as well.

The main difference between the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, a new Psychotherapeutic School based on Reincarnation, and the others is that Reincarnation is its primary element, and treatment is structured following that principle. It was created in 1996, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Today it offers training courses in 16 states of Brazil, and there are hundreds of graduated Reincarnationist Psychotherapists  in more than 100 cities in Brazil.  

This new Psychotherapy was created to take Psychology and Psychiatry to an expansion level never imagined before. Reincarnation is added to the psychological and psychiatric concepts creating a new way to deal with our conflicts. For example, childhood is no longer considered the beginning of our lives, but the continuation of our eternal lives; our families are no longer understood as groups of people united by emotional bonds, but as groups of Spirits united by karmic bonds. Therefore, the situations we face during our lives are not random. Everything is a reflex, consequence or a result of our past actions, necessary to fulfill our project of spiritual evolution. 

Present Psychology, heir of a non-reincarnationist religious concept, sees the beginning of our lives from childhood, so it restricts its field of action to a small part of our existence. It works with a misconception called Personality Development, as it claims we didn’t exist before. It considers that the characteristics of our personalities are developed at the beginning of our lives, just like our negative emotions as a result of genetic, hereditary and environmental factors. That said, everything must have started from childhood, because it is believed that there was nothing before. What about our past incarnations? Didn’t we have a personality during our previous incarnated lives? Yes, of course we did. So, isn’t it reasonable and common sense to think that we are a continuation of our previous lives?  These thoughts bring down the concept of the Personality Development and give place to a revolutionary, evolutionary, and clarifying concept: the Congenital Personality, one of basic pillars of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy. What about our fathers, mothers, siblings and relatives? According to Reincarnationist principles, we are Spirits connected by affinity and divergence energy cords. These cords determine our connection with people. They explain sympathy and antipathy among family members, and even hatred and aversion. And why do we reconnect with them again? In the event of affinity, it is for us to be together in a friendship project or joint work; in divergence, the reconnection is to make up, harmonize, and to love each other. The last explanation is one of the most highlighted issues during the appointments with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, when treatment involves conflicts between parents and children and among siblings. By aggregating the Reincarnation principle to Psychology we create a new Psychology, based on the eternal life, in the search for spiritual evolution and purification.

The Therapeutic Regression (the ABPR Method)

This procedure consists of  a recalling and disconnection of past incarnations, which is done by reincarnationist psychotherapists, but conducted by the individual’s spiritual mentors, always respecting the Oblivion Law. The Ethics applied in our regression is strict and based on question 399 of "The Spirits’ Book", where the Master claims that the Spirit reincarnates in a forgetful state and should not recall the past, unless there is a true need, that it is not done by cheer curiosity, and the command of such a sensitive process is in the hands of Spiritual Beings. And this is our attitude.

The Regression is done with two goals:

1. Therapeutic: To disconnect people from traumatic situations lived in the past, usually from past incarnations, which are still active in the Unconscious and cause the symptoms of Phobias, Panic Disorder, severe Depressions, chronic Physical Pain, strong feelings of loneliness, longing, abandonment, fear, insecurity, sadness for no apparent reason etc. These illnesses can be significantly improved or even rapidly cured. The Therapeutic Regression Method of the ABPR (the Brazilian Association of Reincarnationist Psychotherapy) conciliates Regressions with the Oblivion Law. This is possible because the process is conducted by the Spiritual World and it doesn’t encourage the recognition of people. 

2.  Consciential: To help people recall how they were in their past lives (a secular or millennial behavior pattern) and compare themselves to whom they are today in order to realize what they should improve, transform, and reform in their lives. This process is the understanding of our Congenital Personalities and where we find the key to reach the Inner Reform.

The Regression in the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy is not conducted by us; instead, it is conducted by the spiritual mentors of each person. We just assist and collaborate in the process, by promoting a relaxation of the person’s physical body and the elevation of its frequency. We don’t lead nor conduct the regression to a particular reason, to the main complaint of the consultation, or to what the person wants to know about himself/herself. After a short period of time, the person accesses a situation (of the past) in which he/she is still tuned (connected), and from there the person will keep recalling and telling us what he/she sees, until the end of that situation or lifetime, the disincarnation (physical death). The recollection continues until the person remembers the ascension to the Astral Plane (the period between lives), feels absolutely well and reaches the Best Point. Therefore, the Therapeutic Regression promotes a complete disconnection from the accessed lives, one by one, and may provide great improvement or even the cure of severe chronic symptoms. Besides, it helps in the understanding of the Congenital Personality, making it possible to comprehend the Inner Reform proposal.

The rights of the people under treatment

People who seek care with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy and its tool, the Therapeutic Regression, should receive from our professionals the exact same and absolutely faithful verbal treatment and regression that is taught in the Training Course.

It is important for people who search for treatment with our psychotherapy to know what they should receive. The verbal treatment with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy consists of conversation sessions in which the psychotherapist examines the role of  reincarnation in the person's life, helps promote a rereading of the person’s childhood from a reincarnationist perspective, thinks why, among many fathers and mothers who were on earth,  this person "asked" (required) those people, thinks about why this individual "asked" for such a family, circumstances, social class, sexual gender etc. Also, the psychotherapist tries to help the person understand the purpose of the triggers and trappings experienced on earth. After months of treatment, the person should understand the reasons of the reincarnation, what his/her missions are, the personal mission (Inner Reform), the external mission of harmonization with conflicting spirits that are usually in the original family or arise over time and the external mission of helping nearby people and others, of helping the world to improve and the human society to become more humanitarian. The person who seeks the treatment with this new psychotherapy based on Reincarnation should receive in the months or years that are spent with the reincarnationist psychotherapist, affiliated to our school, a chance to really take advantage of this current incarnation, to fulfill missions and to return home pleased with the performance and, over there, be greeted and not comforted, praised and not to hear again "Do not worry, you will have a new opportunity...".

The person under treatment with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy has the right to receive more than an improvement or the cure of phobias, panic, a strong depression, chronic physical pain (like fibromyalgia, for example) etc., since this is not a new Past Life Regression (PLR) School. Instead, it is the embryo of the new Psychology of the 21st century, which will add reincarnation and the authenticity of the Spirits’ action over all of us, and will aggregate the remembrance of our past lives (Regression) to the treatment. In addition to these specific benefits, this person should receive a conscientious treatment that is compatible with this new way of handling and dealing with conflicts and human tragedies. The people in treatment have the right to demand all of this from the psychotherapists that are associated with the ABPR.

In Regression sessions (the remembrance of past lives), the people under Treatment have the right to receive what we call "Spiritual Display Sessions on Earth" as taught and proposed in our Training Course:

1. Relaxation with the faithful reading of the Guidelines Manual for Therapeutic Regression, without hypnosis or any other procedure besides the Meditation.

2. The regression session of each accessed past life must only be completed when the memory of that life has reached the “period between lives” phase, which is the next level of the accessed life, and when all the either "physical" or “emotional” resonances brought from earth have disappeared.

No past life recall (Regression) should end if the person has not remembered all facts of the past life and the subsequent “period between lives” phase, until the recollection has reached the Best Point. If someone accesses 2 or 3 past lives in a Regression Session, all of the 2-3 lives must reach the Best Point (which is not the point in which the person is no longer in a dark place, when he/she saw a light or recalled the ascension to the Spiritual World, it is when the person recalled the experience in the Spiritual World, the “period between lives” phase, and reached the Best Point. It is when all the remembrance brought from earth had passed, had already diluted, and the person was feeling great. If the person is not feeling well after the regression, a mistake by the psychotherapist may have occurred and the person has the right to talk about it and check the possibility of re-doing the regression and complete it at the Best Point. What may occur at the end of the Regression is that the person might start recalling another past life. In this case, he/she will not feel well. The psychotherapist then should continue the regression of the new life that was coming to be remembered, reach the “period between lives” phase and the Best Point. If he/she gets home feeling ill, sad, afraid, physical pain etc., or if the person feels bad because of the Regression, it might be so due to a mistake by the psychotherapist. Under these circumstances, the person should call or send an email to the psychotherapist, addressing the issue and, probably, making an appointment to do a new regression (free of charge). Therefore, it will eliminate the possibility of the previous regression had not been completed at the Best Point and also to eliminate the possibility that the person did not realize that another past life had started been remembered or not reporting it to the psychotherapist. So now that regression needs to be completed.

More information about how the treatment with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy and Regression should be, from the technical (from where the situation starts to the Best Point) and ethical (obeying Allan Kardec according to question 399 of "the Spirits’ Book") points of view can be accessed in the ABPR website and Dr. Mauro’s books.

No other therapy can be added to the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy treatment if the person does not request it and if it is not for his/her interest and pleasure. Someone seeking treatment with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy should get all of the above (conversations about Reincarnation in life and Regressions). The use of homeopathy, flower essences, astrology, numerology, herbal medicine, tarot cards, application of Reiki energy or any other energy procedure should only be used if the person under treatment requests, believes, and desires this type of therapy.

Should you have any further doubt or question, please send us a message to the email of the ABPR (

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