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Next courses

Check out the next courses about reeincarnationist psycotherapy lectured by professionals linked to ABPR.

  • Videira - SC

    Minister(s): Sirlene Alves
    Begin: 20-08-2017
    End: 15-07-2018
    Duration: 12, 18 ou 24 meses
    Periodicity: 3º domingo de cada mês
    Reference: Frente ao Rest. Tio Bressiani
    Adress: A ser informado, 22 - Centro
    Dados para contato:
    E-mail: sirlenefloripa@yahoo.com.br
    Phone: (48)999711370/33691859 - Sirlene/(49)999765660-Jane
  • São Paulo - SP

    Minister(s): Rosana Silva Negrão
    Begin: 26-08-2017
    End: 24-11-2018
    Duration: 18 meses
    Periodicity: todo 4o sabado do mes - 1a aul
    Reference: proximo ao metro Vila Madalena
    Adress: Rua madalena,, 266/Casa Naunidade - Vila Madalena
    Dados para contato:
    E-mail: reconexaocoracao@gmail.com
    Phone: (11)98208.3595
    Site: facebook: Reconexao Coracao
  • Tapejara - RS

    Minister(s): Francisco-novo aluno
    Begin: 29-08-2017
    End: 14-08-2017
    Duration: 6 meses