Thank you for renewing your ABPR membership.

It is very important that all reincarnationist psychotherapists remain members of the ABPR and have a Profile in Professionals (those already formed), to give a demonstration of Faith, Strength, that we really wear the shirt of Reincarnation Psychotherapy, Thus, we are in the Portal Area with the highest number of accesses, reaching thousands annually! We offer 3 types of payment:

1. View by bank draft 

2. By credit card up to 12 times 

3. Via bank slip sent monthly to your inbox

In case you forget to pay or something unforeseen happens, the system will send you a reminder message. To make payments, go to My ABPR with your email and password.

The ABPR member will find in My ABPR a lot of information, videos-lessons, hundreds of cataloged regression hearings (in increasing numbers), etc.

Participate in the ABPR Nucleus of your city or, if there is none, help create a Nucleus, participate or help to create a RAD Group, a Youth Group, answer by DB, by DC, anyway, there are several ways to thank God for having been invited to participate in this Work and for the blessings we are all receiving. And count on us. We are always here for you!

 Hugs, the board

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