For now, our BENEFICENT DEPARTMENT is making appointments in seven states of Brazil (RS, SC, PR, SP, RJ, DF, BA, PE, and PA) at the reincarnationist psychotherapist’s office.

This service is intended for people who need a (usually 50%) discount for treatment with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Regression. Those (such as the unemployed, making the minimum monthly income, homeless etc.) who cannot afford to bear the cost of the treatment, even with a discount, should go to the CHARITY DEPARTMENT.

People who have financial conditions, should choose a private Treatment (see the Professionals), in order to avoid compromising those who don’t have conditions to do so.

To seek for the services through the BD, please click on your respective state below, fill out the form that will appear on the screen and send it. The form will be sent to the regional coordinator of your state, who will forward it to one of our professionals in your city or neighborhood (if any) to facilitate your access to a psychotherapist. If there is not a professional close to your residence, we will suggest the nearest one.

We wish you a happy incarnation and that you feel satisfied with your actions and performance during this stay on the earthly School when you go back Home.


The professional who wants to attend through this program must be a Brazilian resident and have already graduated as a Reincarnationist Psychotherapist by the ABPR.

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