The Brazilian Association of Reincarnationist Psychotherapy expresses its deep concern about the way the Regression Therapy has been taken in Brazil and worldwide. This therapy has shown that is not a trend; it is well established and has been practiced by many physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists in Brazil and several other countries, which can be seen in publications, on the Internet, in Conferences and national and international Events of Past Life Regression (PLR).

Our biggest concern and challenge, which rightly complies with the major objection that comes from people related to spiritualism and Spiritist leaders about Past Life Regression, refers to the interference and infringement that some therapists of regression practice against a Divine Law: The Oblivion Law.

The method we use allows us to reconcile what seems irreconcilable: The Regression Therapy with the Oblivion Law. In this sense, we have been trying to get integrated with Spiritist Associations and Federations, aiming at a broad debate between Spiritism - and one of its essences, which is the respect to the Oblivion Law - and health professionals, practitioners, PLR instructors, directors and members of Associations and Institutes of Regression Therapy on this subject.

The Brazilian Association of Reincarnationist Psychotherapy has a deep respect for the Oblivion Law and it is one of its main guidelines; in other words, we perform regressions obeying the Oblivion Law, as it is stated in “The Spirits’ Book", regarding the “forgetfulness of the past ", in question 399.

“When a spirit has re-entered corporeal life, he experiences a temporary forgetfulness of his former existences, as though these were hidden from him by a veil. Sometimes, however, he preserves a vague consciousness of them, and they may, under certain circumstances, be revealed to him but this only occurs as a result of the decision of higher spirits, who spontaneously make that revelation for some useful end, and never for the gratification of idle curiosity.”

Our regressive Method faithfully obeys this determination. It consists of the following essential principles:

1st) The control of the regression (remembrance of the past) is entirely directed and chosen by the Spiritual Mentors of the person being assisted. Our psychotherapists do not induce, suggest, imply, hypnotize, command or drive the regressive process. Instead, they just help the person under treatment to relax the physical body (meditation), to be accessible by the person’s Spiritual Mentors, never directing the remembrance or deciding what the person will access. The psychotherapist disregards the person’s reasons for the consultation or (physical or psychological) complaints, the wishes and desires regarding past lives, and much less curiosity. The primary responsibility of the psychotherapist in our Method is in the initial phase (Meditation) while the past lives about to be accessed are completely at the discretion of the Spiritual World.

2nd) The Reincarnationist Psychotherapy does not encourage individuals to recognize people from their past lives, to not violate the Oblivion Law.

3rd) The person is encouraged to remember the past life their mentors have provided in that session. The person will recall the time of death, the disembodiment and the ascension to the spiritual world (the period between lives) and will be connected until all the resonances of the earthly life have disappeared and he/she feels very well (the Best Point).

4) Often, at the end of regression (the Best Point), the person receives guidance, advice, and meaningful instructions to benefit this current life.

The purpose of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy (the Therapy of the Inner Reform) is to help people through a treatment of a few months, with 1-hour weekly or biweekly consultations, and 3 or 4 regression sessions (two-hour sessions in average), to find what André Luiz calls the "Congenital Personality" in "Workers of the Life Eternal," p. 32-34, in a lecture by Dr. Barcelos, a deceased psychiatrist, in the book “The Astral City”:

“We must make the moralizing concept of the Congenital Personality - which undergoes gradual improvement - known around the world…Sigmund Freud theories, as well those of his followers, are lacking in the principles of reincarnation… Reincarnationist ideas will renew the landscape of life on earth, not only conferring upon individuals the weapons needed for their battle against their own inferior conditions, but also providing them with an effective healing remedy… Our human fellow spirits regrettably lack the knowledge of the transitory nature of the physical body, and the knowledge of eternal life, incurred debt and necessary redemption through many experiences…”

The concept of the Congenital Personality that Dr. Barcelos asks to be disclosed on earth is the personality of our past lives in the last centuries. It is the personality that we reveal from birth, it is what differentiates a sibling from another in the same family, and it is where the proposal for an Inner Reform is met and found.

That is the reason why he asks us to spread this notion on Earth and we follow his advice so that based on it, people will know the reason they reincarnate. This is the fundamental pillar of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, and it is where we find our proposal for the Inner Reform, the purpose of this new School.

But how can we help people find their Congenital Personalities? It is through 2 or 3 regression sessions offered during treatment, in which their mentors choose the past lives to be accessed.

As if it were the spiritual world, where there is “a screen session” led by people’s mentors, here on earth we have the Regression, required to be controlled by the people’s mentors as well. According to the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, the main purpose of the Regression is to create opportunities for people to see (on their mental screens) how their personalities and their ways of being in past incarnations were, to compare them to their personalities today. With this information, they will identify their inferiorities and imperfections carried all this time, understand the reasons for their reincarnations in the last centuries, and the reason they reincarnated this time, which is the proposal for the Inner Reform.

What differentiates the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy from the Past Life Therapy (PLT) is that PLT deals with emptying people’s past life emotions and feelings through the repetition of the traumatic facts, catharsis, reprogramming etc. On the other hand, the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy aims to go a little further: its goal is for people to find their congenital personalities and from that understanding uncover their proposals of the Inner Reform.

The Reincarnationist Psychotherapy is a new psychology based on Reincarnation, which is intended to assist in the acceleration of the spiritual evolution of humanity. In the period between lives, we remember why we had reincarnated in the last experience on earth, and the most spoken phrases there are, "Oh, if I had remembered ..." and "If  only I knew ..."

Well, it's time to remember here on earth, to know here, during this incarnation, why we reincarnate and what our proposal for an Inner Reform is, to really take advantage of this stay on earth towards a spiritual evolution.

It is important to emphasize that in cases of interpersonal karmic situations, in our regression method the mentors do not show what happened between parents and children, brothers and sisters etc. in past lives; i.e. people’s curiosity to know what they were or who their father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, children in past lives were. The mentors’ main focus is the Congenital Personality, that is, for people to see themselves how they were in their accessed past lives, according to the guidance of Dr. Barcelos.

We thank you for your attention. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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