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With the growth and expansion of our School, more and more people, with good or bad intentions, are designing Courses whose Syllabus either plagiarize or are very similar to ours, using terms and expressions (or similar ones) used by us, imitating our Training Courses. This situation can be confusing, since some people have enrolled in such courses, believing that there were attending our course and only later on realized that it was not ours, but rather some imitation. We registered the Course Syllabus, the name of our Association, the name “Reincarnationist Psychotherapy”, “Therapeutic Regression”, the ABPR logo etc. at the Trademark and Patent office. We have been trying, as far as we can, to avoid a lawsuit against such misuse, but in some cases it is necessary.

We would like to put on record here that everyone interested in attending the Training Course on the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Regression, and fit the criteria for entry, must be aware of this situation and investigate if the course they are enrolling is registered here on our Portal and if the instructor is part of our teaching team. For someone to become a Course Instructor in our Association, this person needs to take the Training Course, to work as a junior monitor at least for 1 class graduation, 1 class graduation as a senior monitor, stand out for his/her commitment and character and be invited to an evaluation by the Examining Board and to be approved by the other Course Instructors.  The whole process may take 5-6 years.

Most of the time, such Courses that plagiarize ours are organized by former students who completed (or not) the Training Courses and didn’t want to undergo the process of (professional and spiritual) self-improvement to be eligible to become a teacher of our Association. At present, there are 35 Training Course Instructors in 16 states of Brazil and courses abroad are being developed.

On the one hand, we are honored to see imitations of our classes, which show the degree of seriousness and depth of our Training Courses; but, on the other hand, it brings a huge concern to the people who would take a course taught by individuals without adequate preparation for it. We recommend all the candidates willing to take our classes to read the texts set out in our Portal about the Ethics in Regression, the Contraindications and (physical, psychological, therapeutic and karmic) Risks of Regression. 

We ask the Higher Spiritual Beings to enlighten the consciousness of the people who organize such courses. They should contact us so that they get close to us and, with dedication and humility, carry out the necessary preparation to become Course Instructors, if they demonstrate ethical, moral, and spiritual capacity for this. We will welcome these brothers and sisters with an open heart.

With love and concern, 

The Board of the ABPR