It has the same function as The Big Screen Sessions in the period between lives: to remember our past lives on earth, to evaluate our performance on them and how much we have spiritually benefited from these past incarnations, to be aware of how we are when we descend to earth and how we feel when we go back Home after experiencing the maximum expression of our superiorities. Over there, on the “true” Big Screen, our Mentors show us our karmic relationships, who we and other people were in past lives, who did what to each other, when we were victims and when we were persecutors. However, here on earth, on our "light" Big Screen, the mentors will rarely show all the aspects of our past lives. They are only shown when it is absolutely necessary, when someone refuses to stop playing the part of a victim.


The Disconnection of past lives will occur in all Regressions, but in some cases the regression has just this purpose, usually in cases to improve or cure Phobias, Panic, severe depressions and chronic physical pain. In such instances, the purpose is just to disconnect the person from these situations, not to show personality characteristics, feeling tendencies, attitudes or behaviors. Yet, some traits may be noticed in such regressions, for example: loneliness, guilt, isolation, depression, suicidal tendencies etc.


The Regression has the following contraindications:

• People with heart problems (cardiopathy)

• People with high blood pressure (hypertension)

• People who have had a stroke or ischaemia (stroke)

• Elderly People 

• Pregnant women, except in cases of extreme (physical or emotional) need 

In the above cases, we should recommend the Regression at a Distance (RAD) in which someone else, through the same method, accesses the past incarnations of the person who cannot undergo the process. The person stays present in the room listening to the story and right after we finish the regression, we have a post-regression conversation with the individual. Before the regression, we always ask for the consent of the Mentors of the person to access his/her past through someone else.

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