Regression at a Distance

The Regressions at a Distance (RAD) offered by the ABPR groups are free and, as its self-explanatory name, are done at a distance and do not require to be done by an existing Group at the city or the state of the requiring individual. They are done by the Astral. However, it is important to emphasize that a Regression at a Distance does not replace a Reincarnationist Psychotherapeutic treatment, which is a verbal Psychotherapy, with first and follow-up appointment sessions, performed with the help of some regressions that last months or years. However, in some cases in which the disconnection with the past will bring a great benefit to the person (in cases of phobias, panic, depression, chronic physical pain such as fibromyalgia, for example) the RAD can be used.

While doing a RAD, we must take into consideration the Ethics of only performing it if the person to be treated wants and authorizes someone else to access his/her past on his/her behalf, any other way would be unethical. The exceptions for the performance of an unauthorized RAD are young children, autistic people, a mentally retarded person, an individual in a coma, people addicted to (legal or illegal) drugs, who are not capable of rationally and logically giving an opinion on the subject etc. This free service from the ABPR should be used when the person seeking for the treatment resides in a city or state, or in any country where there is no Reincarnationist Psychotherapist available yet. In case there is one, this professional must be contacted for the Treatment to be carried out; in case of financial difficulties, we offer treatment through the Beneficent (price to be agreed) and Charity (free of charge) Departments. These situations must be discussed with the professional.

  1. RAD Florianópolis-SC
  2. RAD Tijuca/Rio de Janeiro-RJ
  3. RAD Sofia Higa/São Paulo-SP
  4. RAD Instituto Vidas/Santos-SP
  5. São Valentim/Rio de Janeiro-RJ
  6. Grupo de RAD/ Rondonópolis-MT
  7. Chama Rosa/Porto Alegre-RS
  8. RAD Crianças com Dificuldades/São Paulo-SP
  9. Samadhi/Ribeirão Preto-SP
  10. Núcleo de RAD de Uberlândia-MG
  11. RAD Luz de Alcione/Porto Alegre/RS
  12. Grupo Paulo de Tarso/Nova Prata – RS
  13. Grupo Arcanjo Miguel/Porto Alegre – RS
  14. Oficina da Consciência/Caxias do Sul-RS
  15. Grupo de RAD Despertar – Mafra – SC
  16. RAD Caxias do Sul – RS
  17. Grupo RAD Brasília – DF
  18. Grupo RAD Infinito Terapias – Cachoerinha – RS
  19. Grupo RAD Amor, amor -Porto Alegre – RS
  20. Grupo RAD Núcleo Regional Fronteira Oeste – Santana do Livramento – RS
  21. Grupo RAD Potala – Indaiatuba – SP
  22. RAD Santa Cruz do Sul - RS
  23. RAD Cristal da Terra - Porto Alegre - RS
  24. RAD Espaçon - Fortaleza - CE
  25. RAD Crianças da Luz - Capital - SP
  26. RAD Mercurio - Porto Alegre- RS
  27. RAD Viajantes da Luz - Uberaba - MG
  28. RAD Amor Fraterno - Porto Alegre - RS
  29. RAD Flor de Lótus - Porto Alegre - RS
  30. RAD Campinas – SP
  31. RAD Criciuma – SC
  32. Grupo de RAD Espaço Espírita HAMMED - SP
  33. Irmandade de Luz – Várzea Grande - MT
  34. Grupo RAD Barueri-Osasco - SP

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