Where are we

When Reincarnation Psychotherapy began in 1996, a commitment was made with the Spiritual Beings who created this new psychotherapeutic vision based on Reincarnation, to take it to all Brazilian states and other countries. Just 20 years later, we already have a Training Course in 16 states of Brazil and organizing the Course in other countries, that is, the commitment is being fulfilled!

This reminds us of an old phrase that says: "No one had told you it was impossible, went there and did, and only then did I know that it was impossible ...!"

Thanks to our students, the monitors, the Course Ministers, our members, thanks to the Spiritual Mentors, our Guides, the Beings of Light, thanks to Our Lady, to Jesus, thank God and thanks to the thousands of people who have already Have submitted to the Treatment with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy and to those who are, at that moment, in Treatment, we are fulfilling the Mission. And that is just the beginning, Reincarnation Psychotherapy is the embryo of 21st Century Psychology, which will add to Reincarnation, bringing with it the purpose of life, the sense of being here, the continuation of life, the end of death.

Come with us, here is the House of Psychotherapy Reincarnation!